I’ve been making papercuts on-and-off for almost 3 years now.

I had written a short story sometime around 2010 called “The Tree of Webs”, and I’d been wanting to make something more out of it for a while, to accompany the text with illustrations to make a sort of children’s book.

Sadly, I couldn’t figure out what type of design would fit with the story until early 2013, when I suddenly had the inspiration to try and make, well, what ends up in this gallery. Simplistic, colourful illustrations using only coloured paper and glue (and a bit of brain-racking).

As is often the case, as soon as I started thinking and cutting and glueing, the ball got rolling and ideas kept pouring in about new designs, different ways of combining papers for different effects, tricking the viewer’s eye, etc.

I hope you’ll enjoy this colourful universe.

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